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The Story


Northland Staffing Solutions was founded by Joe Thoemke in 1996. Our first office was opened in Minneapolis, MN. Our St. Paul office was opened a few years later and our Hopkins office was opened in 2014. Together these offices are able to service the Twin Cities Metro Area. Our Staffing Managers combined have more than fifty years of experience in the staffing experience. This high level of experience allows us to provide unheard of stability and expertise to our clients and employees that we service.

Northland Staffing Solutions can provide a variety of companies with temporary staff, temporary-to-hire staff, direct placement staff and payrolling services. Northland Staffing Solutions will create staffing solutions that will meet the specific needs of each client. Our owner, Brian Thoemke, has been in the staffing industry for more than thirty years. We know what it takes to be the business partner you are looking for. Northland Staffing Solutions has staff available to work 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

St. Paul Location

St. Paul Location

2506 University Ave W.
St.Paul, MN 55114

Our great State's capital, St. Paul, is (and has been) home to various diversities and immense achievement.

Just as the city is diverse, so are our skill-sets; there is no workplace Northland cannot improve. Need administration help? You're secured. Industrial? We got that, too.

Minneapolis Location

Minneapolis Location

4110 Central Ave Ne Suite 210B
Minneapolis, MN 55421

Minneapolis is the largest city by population in the state of Minnesota, and we're ready to staff each and every one.

Our team is full of energetic, positive people who want to make a difference, and we hope that together we can build a better Minneapolis.

Edina Location

Edina Location

4951 W. 77th Street #128
Edina, MN 55435

We have moved offices from Richfield to our new Edina office! Stop in and check it out!


Twin Cities – this town, and its residents,

motivates us daily to build successful workplaces

The Services


We believe that analysis of your company and your customers is key in responding effectively to your workplace. Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies & staffing trends and are keen to prove themselves in this industry.
Let’s get this work done

For Businesses

Northland Staffing Solutions take a consultative approach to assessing your company’s Staffing Needs.  Through an in depth analysis of your company, together we will develop a Staffing Plan that will increase the productivity of your workplace.


Our clients benefit from the flexibility of a contingent workforce to supplement short-term and long-term staffing needs. Some examples of when this service is beneficial:

  • Vacation leave
  • Family medical leave
  • Holidays
  • Seasonal requrements
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Filling open positions during hiring freezes
  • Production peaks and valleys
  • Special projects


Are you still having your team invest countless hours attempting to recruit, evaluate, screen, and interview candidates for your open positions? By utilizing our contract to hire services, you can shift those administrative burdens onto our experienced shoulders.

While we retain the contract to hire employee on our payroll and benefits package, you have the opportunity to observe their skill sets and determine their compatibility with your company culture. Once the agreed-upon time frame has been completed, you may choose to hire your well-tested employee.


Our direct hire placement services focus on providing our clients with outstanding pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates. Our diverse recruitment network enables us to identify top talent and to place them into our extensive candidate database. Here all candidates’ skill levels and assessment scores are available for a custom-match to your specific job requirements.

For The Job Seeker

You’re not just a number here,you’re part of a team (a fun one at that).
Combine that with some cool benefits, and you’ve got a place that’sworth looking into.



get awesome job experience

learn from the veterans

have a stronger resume

diversify your talents


Choose the industry

Temporary or permanent

Schedule convenient hours

Locations all around



Cool people to be around

Really nice health insurance

We have dental, too

Holidays and sick days*

Job Application

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  • They know how to get stuff done. Nothing else to say about it. So sign up.

  • What's better than have a staffed workplace? Having one staffed by Northland. These guys are beasts.

  • On point, on time, and with a smiling face. I love it.

  • Northland has met our needs when other staffing companies have failed.  Their Staffing and Management Team understands our business.  Northland provides us with the staff we need to grow.

    DAVE Vice President of Operations

How We Stand Out


When there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved.

We Know This Stuff

Having been in the industry for over 25 years, and constantly researching the latest employment trends & expectations, there’s a reason staffing is in our name.

Coming to the Rescue

We know what it’s like to experience the hurdles business throws, and there’s nothing better than having a set of solutions to rely on – let us be one.

Great Response Time

Our emails & business apps are hosted on Google and our ERP is top of the line, so you can expect us to be on top of things that are going on.

Some Achievements

We have improved workplaces tremendously by increasing ROI and productivity with improved staff, and helped job seekers land awesome careers.

Location Benefits

We have fully functional locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Hopkins, so we can cover most of the Twin Cities. Job Seekers also can apply at these locations.

Happy Guarantee

If you’re not happy with one of our team members, we will credit an average day’s work to your account, plus cover your lunch for a week at a select restaurant.


Individual commitment to a group effort – that is
what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work

The Contact

Let’s Talk



4110 Central Ave Ne Suite 210B
Minneapolis, MN 55421
(763) 746-0053

Saint Paul

2506 University Ave W.
St.Paul, MN 55114
(651) 224-1669


4951 W. 77th Street #128
Edina, MN 55435
(952) 456-6361

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